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Breastfeeding Multiple Infants


Breastfeeding multiples can be physically and emotionally challenging. But with support and guidance, you can succeed. Get help from an expert such as a lactation consultant or another person with expertise in breastfeeding multiple-birth babies.

Special techniques often are recommended for multiples. For example:

  • Feed the babies one at a time until they learn to latch on to the breast.
  • When you're comfortable feeding one baby at a time, feed two at the same time. The cradle hold and the football hold often are advised. (You may also choose to feed the babies one at a time.)
  • After your milk supply is established, pump your breast milk. Then others can help you feed the babies.

Breastfeeding strengthens the bond between you and each baby. Multiples often are born prematurely, so the protective antibodies in breast milk are especially important for them. And breastfeeding has benefits for you too. It may lower your risk for diabetes or certain cancers later in life.


Current as of: February 23, 2022

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